2018 Cattle Drive

Date: June 09 - June 14, 2018
Time: 8:00 PM - 12:00 PM
2018 Cattle Drive now being accepted

Email renorodeocattledrive@gmail.com for more information

2018 Reno Rodeo

Cattle Drive

See the herd hit town

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

High Noon
Corner of Oddie and Sutro

Startin’ in Doyle, Ca.

Then delicious Basque grub served up for dinner in one of Reno’s best

at the rodeo grounds when Trail Boss Butch gets ya’ ready to ride

on the now world famous and enduring reno rodeo cattle drive

By mornin’ you’ll waken' to the smell of hot coffee, with no sleepin’ in late

scrambled eggs a steam in’; crispy bacon still fryin' when they hit yer’ plate

ridin' a horseback - pushin' them there Corriente steers in the hot desert sun

A heap of hard work for most dudes, but to Buckaroo's it's nothin' but fun

Pinion pine and sagebrush Abound – when purple Lupin catches the eye

After miles on the desolate trail - off yonder cattle camp silhouettes the Big Sky

All fill their bellies with delectable grub and a Jack Daniel's or maybe a few

gather round the campfire singing songs - tellin’ stories - maybe a poem or two

Nighttime high desert skies turn from red, orange, yellow to the color blue

Soon yule’ hit sack with Buckaroo's, Teamsters and even the gnarly Camp Crew

Sounds of crickets and frogs and gentle wind serenades ya’ into a deep sleep

No roosters a crow-in' - pitch black too - all awake without so much as a peep

breakfast comes quick - the camp is dismantled and all have their job to do

people scurrin' about, pulling' up stakes and folding tables and chairs too

saddle-up again and off yonder Wild Mustangs runnin’ over a rollin’ hill

In the far distance a lone coyote, a golden eagle and mule deer give you a thrill

Last day is special cause yer’ preparin’ for a first-class parade show

Cowboys, horses and cattle and of course Buckaroo’s don’t you know

“Put Near” at the end – over the last mountain with cattle town Reno below

A weather beaten face - but unlike the drive of 95', ya’ make it thru - without snow

Mindful of the stampede inclined steers yule’ head down Sutro Street

All will safely arrive at rodeo grounds with family and friends to greet

Over 5-days – with a drinkin and eatin’ and a ridin’ with new pard’s at yer’ side

Yule’ no longer be a Dude stranger, but a real “Buckaroo” ready to ride

If yer’ a mind ta’ check off yourn’ Buck list and cowboy up with us Buckaroo’s

sign up for the drive, you’ll have the time of your life, with nothin’ to loose

few professions bring so much joy and inner piece - yet a great deal of strife

As a real Buckaroo Yule’ always honor and promote the “Cowboy Way of Life

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Cattle on the Way
June 09 - June 14, 2018 | 8:00 PM - 12:00 PM

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