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Association Staff

George Combs (General Manager)

George Combs is the General Manager. His knowledge of the rodeo business and leadership skills makes him a great fit for the Reno Rodeo Association. In addition to in running the day to day operations of the rodeo, he works with all 54 Committee Chairman to make sure all the pieces of the puzzle are ready for the 10 days in June each year. He manages the staff and works closely with the Officers, Executive Committee, Finance Committee and Board of Directors to insure that all aspects of the rodeo business is being handled properly.

George also spends time in the community promoting Reno Rodeo and is the liaison with the city, county and state officials. George says, “Reno Rodeo is very special and has been built with a lot of hard work and a huge amount of passion. Not only passion for the Rodeo but for Reno and Nevada”.
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Denise Reams (Bookkeeper)

I honestly can’t believe that this is my second year with the Rodeo. The time has passed by so quickly and here we are fast approaching the 2016 Rodeo. I start this Rodeo season with a lot more knowledge and not as many questions. When I started with Rodeo in March 2015 I was the Administrative Assistant I am now the Bookkeeper. I am very excited to gain even more knowledge and exposure to every aspect of the “Wildest Richest Rodeo in the West”. I look forward to the challenge of my new position and another awesome Rodeo.

Since last year my husband (Chris) and I have purchased a new home in the Regency at Damonte Ranch and are enjoying our wonderful new community and the gorgeous views. What more can anyone ask for?

The individuals that I have met through the Rodeo are outstanding, (staff, volunteers and sponsors) just such caring, knowledgeable and so passionate about the Reno Rodeo and their community. I love my extended family.

What a great place to work and live, life doesn’t get much better.
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Melissa Butler (Administrative Assistant)

New to the rodeo this year. Melissa is originally from California but moved to Reno in 1999 for school after several visits and developing a love with the area. After completing college Melissa had various administrative jobs as well as Emergency Medical Technician.

The past few months with the rodeo association have been rather fun and different from any job I’ve ever had. It has been a joy meeting everyone with the association and seeing what pride they take in the Rodeo as well as the community. I can’t wait to see where my future with the Rodeo will lead me.

When Melissa isn’t busy with her job at the Rodeo she is home with her 3 children or volunteering her time to work with special needs children.
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