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Commemorative Poster

Artist: Steve Miller
Artist: Steve Miller 
The Reno Rodeo unveiled this year’s limited edition commemorative poster on Thursday, April 20 during the Reno Rodeo Association luncheon, held at Atlantis Casino Resort. Montana-based sculptor and artist Steve Miller was commissioned by 2017 Reno Rodeo president Brad Sidner to complete the piece, titled “Dustin' the Washoe.” Both the original oil painting and a framed poster print were unveiled simultaneously, revealing a stunning depiction of a team-roping scene. In it two cowboys on horseback are shown roping a steer against the silhouette of a mountain range that melts into a glowing palate of yellow and orange.

“I am honored to have been given the opportunity to do the poster for the Reno Rodeo this year,” said Miller. “It’s a legacy. This is one of the biggest Rodeo’s in the nation, and one of the most fun.”

Though not formally trained, Miller has been drawing and interested in art since he was a young child. It wasn’t until the forth grade that he realized he possessed a unique eye and skill for art, something that, up until then, he assumed came naturally to everyone.

“My training consists of hours and hours of drawing, painting and sculpting,” Miller’s goal with every piece is to tell a story about Western and Rocky Mountain life. “The west, to me, is not about a direction or place; it is about a life, lifestyle, a culture and a romance.”

This year marks the 36th year that the Reno Rodeo president selects and collaborates with an artist to create a limited edition print in honor of the “Wildest, Richest Rodeo in the West.” The limited run of 250 signed and numbered prints will be available for sale through the Reno Rodeo office.

Steve Miller currently resides in Montana with his family and is the vice president of Montana Silversmiths. When he’s not working or creating art, he spends his time with his family, on his horse, or team roping.
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