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February 2016

Since 1919, Reno’s most heralded continuously held public event has traveled under numerous titles. At start-up, it was billed as The Nevada Round-Up, “The carnival of the range.” The rodeo was suspended from 1923-1931 because it had over-extended itself financially. It re-entered Reno life in 1932, billed as “Pony Express Days.” In 1942, the Reno Evening Gazette and the Nevada State Journal wrote of the “Reno War Relief Rodeo.” In 1980, the nomenclature was again amended, this time to “Nevada High Roller Round-up.” Fortunately, the gaming-oriented name had only a brief life, because after all, the event is not a crapshoot but, pure rodeo, with all its pulsating thrills, spills, comedy, cowboy and cowgirl talent and courage; and omnipresent peril.

The brand name that has stuck, and is here to stay is R-E-N-O R-O-D-E-O. It says “What” and “Where.” Here , we must add, the name Reno Rodeo defines itself as “tradition,” in the grandest sense.

The stories for the Count Down to 100 are excerpts from “A History – The First 80 Years” by Guy Clifton.
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